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Why IOG Chose Haskell for the Cardano Blockchain

Haskell: the Basis for Cardano’s Plutus & Marlowe Smart Contract Languages

Haskell: the Basis for Cardano’s Plutus & Marlowe Smart Contract Language

Haskell is a functional programming languages that gives the same result for the same input, it is well-suited for high-assurance code and programs that require a high degree of formal verification; thus,  programmers have a large degree of certainty that the code being implemented is correct - for the next global social and financial operating system - high assurance and reliability are essential.

With the arrival of decentralized applications, tokenization, and smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain, it is expect that an entire ecosystem of decentralized financial services will arise, bring billions of dollars of value or more on-chain, locked through smart contracts, or managed via decentralized autonomous organizations. Via Haskell, Cardano’s Plutus and Marlowe smart contracts can be implemented in a precise, formally-verified code with a high-level of assurance.

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Cardano Clean Water Stake Pool Supports NGO clean water initiatives 

 The Cardano Team
3 Entities supporting the Cardano Blockchain/ADA cryptocurrency are Input Output, Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation.
 Cardano Blockchain 3.0 ~ ADA Cryptocurrency

The Cardano Foundation, an independent-entity based in Switzerland, supervises the development of Cardano and its ecosystem; they are committed to protecting and promoting Cardano, and to advocating on behalf of the users and community of the protocol.
Input|Output is the engineering firm developing the Cardano platform, which has more advanced features of any protocol to date, and is the first to evolve out of a scientific philosophy. The large team of expert engineers and researchers, drawn from around the globe, began by deconstructing the concept of a cryptocurrency and incorporating a ground-breaking Proof of Stake Algorithm, Ouroboros. The IOHK team employed a first principles approach driven by peer-reviewed, academic research to build Cardano from the ground up.
Emurgo is a global blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises and governments integrating onto the Cardano blockchain. EMURGO develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education; the company has offices and manages projects in Singapore, Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia.